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M. Millie

Black Women Who Know Their Worth was created by native New Yorker M. Millie. I am a school teacher, wife, history buff and lover of supporting my fellow black women. I am passionate about helping to inspire my fellow black women to do better, become better and recognize that they are worth better than what they currently have

Worth means value and I strive to know my worth and value everyday. Being able to provide black women with that as well is my goal of this blog.

I am a believer that history will reveal the future, I believe in retrospecting back to African/Black history to help motivate us, educate us and provide answers for the future. My page and this blog seek to highlight black achievement.

I am a bit of black feminism, black liberation, democratic, republican, suburban  urban, socialist, reformist, black panther, bra burning, radical, contemporary realist, food junkie,  wrapped up in one. Most importantly I am real. There are no smokes and mirrors, here people. I am a real person with real opinions and I express them the best way I can.

I am available to provide counseling  make appearances etc. I truly believe in helping others and am willing to try my best for you.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please message me through this page. You can also email me at blackwomenwhoknowtheirworth@aol.com


M. Millie


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