The Killing of an Innocent Black Woman!


I am very saddened by the death of Miriam Carey. She did not have to die. Her tires could have been blown out. This troubled mother died for no reason. Having a mental illness is not a crime, it is a disease. Washington cops acted cruelly and violently. Then, Congress wants to give the cops a standing ovation to justify the police’s actions. SMH! This young black woman, died for no reason. Yes, her acts were wrong, but was she armed? NO! Did she attack anyone? NO! From her actions it is clear she acted through mental illness, or a condition.

single mother dead


The fact of the matter is that she is another dead black person in America and that means nothing. Her black skin does not give her the privilege a white person would have if they had acted as she did.  Where is the apologies to her family? Where is the apology to her daughter, who has now lost a mother because the police, a law enforcement agency that is trained on many tactics of dealing with people in distress could not find a better, less deadly way to subdue Miriam Carey.

cops killing Miriam

Cops executing Miriam Carey.


She had a history of mental illness, for she was given a mental evaluation because she thought President Obama was monitoring her and that she was a prophet. She also had an accident where she fell down and hurt herself. Shortly after while she was recovering in the hospital she learned of her pregnancy. Her boss even stated that she was a great employee until her accident, which led to the discovery of her pregnancy. He also stated that after she came back from her pregnancy she had changed and had to be let go. This woman had some problems, she was not a criminal.


Miriam Carey

Now, authorities are saying her actions made it seem like she was on a mission. They have searched her home for evidence. I hope nothing gets planted or fabricated against her. I am just saying. Her shooting was unjustified and as her sister a former NYC cop said “deadly force was “unjustified.” Now, since an innocent woman has been killed the battle now is to justify her death and confirm it in the mind of the masses.

Oh, Miriam. I weep for you, Had you been a white woman, the masses of America would have boycotted your death. People would back your family on a case against the D.C. police. You probably would not have been killed. The circumstances would have been different. You would have been given the copout of being troubled.

This woman could have had post pregnancy depression. Yes, this exists. During and after pregnancy women go through physical and emotional changes. Not every woman adapts to these changes well. Some women get depressed. It is a condition that can become severe and change a woman emotionally and mentally. Many women go without having this condition diagnosed. Many women are also often in denial about having this condition because they do not want to be labeled as a bad mother.

Sisters of Miriam Carey, Capitol Hill shooting victim

Miriam Carey’s grieving family.

We do not know if Mariam Carey was diagnosed with post pregnancy depression. Nor, do we know if she knew she might have this condition. However, what we do know is that a sick woman got killed. An innocent child lost her mother. A saddened family is grieving. That is nothing to applaud.