columbus day

Although, I love every extra day I have off of work, I am not celebrating today. How can I celebrate a man who laid claim to a land that was not his and was already inhabited by people> How can I celebrate a man who massacred thousands of native people? How can I celebrate a man who set the framework for the slave trade, where thousands of Africans were stolen, brutalized, raped, degraded, and forced to forget their culture, as well as their languages and history. The fact is I can not. There is nothing about this man, that is worth celebrating, let alone having a day to tribute his legacy. This is NO DAY to celebrate. Do not let American racism or European white supremacy fool you to thinking today is a day to celebrate.

Christopher Columbus was a horrible man. Upon having a ship wreck in the Americas he noticed the sweet and humble nature of the Native Americans. He used their welcoming and calm dispositions as the backbone of breaking their society a part. The Europeans brought illnesses, and alcohol. The Europeans brought savageness and corruption to the Americas.


What happened next? The Native Americans were forced into servitude, but guess what too many of them died. The diseases, and violence Christopher Columbus and his gang of abusers brought was too much for the Native Americans. Their food sources diminished. There immune systems weakened by the new illnesses they now had. That is when the Europeans brought over slaves as their new workforce and economic force.


I do not care what they teach in elementary school about Christopher Columbus. We already know that the educational system is rigged to teach white history, to enforce low self esteem, weak minded, yes massah black people and minorities. I am a teacher, I fight against that foolishness everyday. The truth is he was a horrible man. He was a man who begin the term “genocide.” He was a man who made his riches off of the termination and enslavement of races deemed inferior to the white race.

Yes, and white people will always say Christopher Columbus and his crew helped the Native Americans and African Americans. They will say they brought sophistication to savages. They will say they brought medicine. They will say they brought education. They will say they brought religion. You see that is the thinking of many white people, that they are needed in the lives of non whites to help refine them from their beastly ways. SMDH! Africans and Native Americans lived happily in their lands without the help of Europeans. They lived in a society that flourished. They lived in a society that had its own education, religion and culturally practices. If they did not how else would their lands have survived with rich minerals, resources. How else would you have met people in Africa and America that were healthy, organized and had a bountiful land. Invaders that Christopher Columbus and his crew did. They invaded America and helped other European nations invade Africa to rape these people from their land and culture.

slave trade

I will enjoy my day off, because I am a hardworking teacher who deserves a time to rest, and relax. I will not enjoy this day or celebrate it for Christopher Columbus. A man who hurt, and killed so many Native Americans. A man who hurt and killed so many of my ancestors. No thank you. This day is a spit in the face too so many lives, cultures, and histories that have been trampled on or destroyed.

Family, know your history before you celebrate a holiday that was founded on the hate and oppression of black bodies. This day is nothing to celebrate or uphold. Enjoy your day off you deserve it, however know that this man is no hero. He was a tyrant, a killer, and a vicious destructive man. Fuck Columbus day. Yes, sometimes the truth is raw like that. This was and is no man worth celebrating. hISTORY does not lie. It is a reflection of the past, that enables us to understand our present, and predict the future. This day should be abolished. His memory should only serve to highlight one of the biggest and earliest criminals in history  -M. Millie