columbus day

Although, I love every extra day I have off of work, I am not celebrating today. How can I celebrate a man who laid claim to a land that was not his and was already inhabited by people> How can I celebrate a man who massacred thousands of native people? How can I celebrate a man who set the framework for the slave trade, where thousands of Africans were stolen, brutalized, raped, degraded, and forced to forget their culture, as well as their languages and history. The fact is I can not. There is nothing about this man, that is worth celebrating, let alone having a day to tribute his legacy. This is NO DAY to celebrate. Do not let American racism or European white supremacy fool you to thinking today is a day to celebrate.

Christopher Columbus was a horrible man. Upon having a ship wreck in the Americas he noticed the sweet and humble nature of the Native Americans. He used their welcoming and calm dispositions as the backbone of breaking their society a part. The Europeans brought illnesses, and alcohol. The Europeans brought savageness and corruption to the Americas.


What happened next? The Native Americans were forced into servitude, but guess what too many of them died. The diseases, and violence Christopher Columbus and his gang of abusers brought was too much for the Native Americans. Their food sources diminished. There immune systems weakened by the new illnesses they now had. That is when the Europeans brought over slaves as their new workforce and economic force.


I do not care what they teach in elementary school about Christopher Columbus. We already know that the educational system is rigged to teach white history, to enforce low self esteem, weak minded, yes massah black people and minorities. I am a teacher, I fight against that foolishness everyday. The truth is he was a horrible man. He was a man who begin the term “genocide.” He was a man who made his riches off of the termination and enslavement of races deemed inferior to the white race.

Yes, and white people will always say Christopher Columbus and his crew helped the Native Americans and African Americans. They will say they brought sophistication to savages. They will say they brought medicine. They will say they brought education. They will say they brought religion. You see that is the thinking of many white people, that they are needed in the lives of non whites to help refine them from their beastly ways. SMDH! Africans and Native Americans lived happily in their lands without the help of Europeans. They lived in a society that flourished. They lived in a society that had its own education, religion and culturally practices. If they did not how else would their lands have survived with rich minerals, resources. How else would you have met people in Africa and America that were healthy, organized and had a bountiful land. Invaders that Christopher Columbus and his crew did. They invaded America and helped other European nations invade Africa to rape these people from their land and culture.

slave trade

I will enjoy my day off, because I am a hardworking teacher who deserves a time to rest, and relax. I will not enjoy this day or celebrate it for Christopher Columbus. A man who hurt, and killed so many Native Americans. A man who hurt and killed so many of my ancestors. No thank you. This day is a spit in the face too so many lives, cultures, and histories that have been trampled on or destroyed.

Family, know your history before you celebrate a holiday that was founded on the hate and oppression of black bodies. This day is nothing to celebrate or uphold. Enjoy your day off you deserve it, however know that this man is no hero. He was a tyrant, a killer, and a vicious destructive man. Fuck Columbus day. Yes, sometimes the truth is raw like that. This was and is no man worth celebrating. hISTORY does not lie. It is a reflection of the past, that enables us to understand our present, and predict the future. This day should be abolished. His memory should only serve to highlight one of the biggest and earliest criminals in history  -M. Millie



The Killing of an Innocent Black Woman!


I am very saddened by the death of Miriam Carey. She did not have to die. Her tires could have been blown out. This troubled mother died for no reason. Having a mental illness is not a crime, it is a disease. Washington cops acted cruelly and violently. Then, Congress wants to give the cops a standing ovation to justify the police’s actions. SMH! This young black woman, died for no reason. Yes, her acts were wrong, but was she armed? NO! Did she attack anyone? NO! From her actions it is clear she acted through mental illness, or a condition.

single mother dead


The fact of the matter is that she is another dead black person in America and that means nothing. Her black skin does not give her the privilege a white person would have if they had acted as she did.  Where is the apologies to her family? Where is the apology to her daughter, who has now lost a mother because the police, a law enforcement agency that is trained on many tactics of dealing with people in distress could not find a better, less deadly way to subdue Miriam Carey.

cops killing Miriam

Cops executing Miriam Carey.


She had a history of mental illness, for she was given a mental evaluation because she thought President Obama was monitoring her and that she was a prophet. She also had an accident where she fell down and hurt herself. Shortly after while she was recovering in the hospital she learned of her pregnancy. Her boss even stated that she was a great employee until her accident, which led to the discovery of her pregnancy. He also stated that after she came back from her pregnancy she had changed and had to be let go. This woman had some problems, she was not a criminal.


Miriam Carey

Now, authorities are saying her actions made it seem like she was on a mission. They have searched her home for evidence. I hope nothing gets planted or fabricated against her. I am just saying. Her shooting was unjustified and as her sister a former NYC cop said “deadly force was “unjustified.” Now, since an innocent woman has been killed the battle now is to justify her death and confirm it in the mind of the masses.

Oh, Miriam. I weep for you, Had you been a white woman, the masses of America would have boycotted your death. People would back your family on a case against the D.C. police. You probably would not have been killed. The circumstances would have been different. You would have been given the copout of being troubled.

This woman could have had post pregnancy depression. Yes, this exists. During and after pregnancy women go through physical and emotional changes. Not every woman adapts to these changes well. Some women get depressed. It is a condition that can become severe and change a woman emotionally and mentally. Many women go without having this condition diagnosed. Many women are also often in denial about having this condition because they do not want to be labeled as a bad mother.

Sisters of Miriam Carey, Capitol Hill shooting victim

Miriam Carey’s grieving family.

We do not know if Mariam Carey was diagnosed with post pregnancy depression. Nor, do we know if she knew she might have this condition. However, what we do know is that a sick woman got killed. An innocent child lost her mother. A saddened family is grieving. That is nothing to applaud.


Black Heroics are Newsworthy?! Nope, Black Negativity is!


It never ceases to amaze me how the crimes, violence, buffoonery and stereotypical acts committed by African Americans get broadcasted and disseminated rapidly. However, the great acts of bravery, triumph, heroics, and success shown by African Americans hardly gets into the news and is often unknown. Why? Because Media is controlled by those who only want to portray a negative image of us.

I go into detail on media control in my post here https://blackwomenwhoknowtheirworth.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/the-portrayal/


Antoinette Tuff

Antoinette Tuff is a bookkeeper at the  Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur,Georgia. Her fast thinking and bravery prevented a school shooting from happening. Without her quick and courageous actions another Sandy Hook incident could have occurred, and many children’s lives could have been lost.

On Tuesday, Michael Brandon Hill, 20, slipped into the school behind someone who was buzzed in. He entered, Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, an elementary school from pre- kindergarten to fifth grade armed with an AK- 47 and other weapons.


Michael Brandon Hill, school shooter.

Hill then went into the administration office and demanded to get near the children. Tuff refused to allow him near the kids. Hill then told Tuff that he was planning to die and wanted to get the news there. Tuff convinced him to stop his mission of death and give up his weapon by talking to him.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer Tuff recalls that “He had a look on him that he was willing to kill.” “He said that he didn’t have any reason to live and that he knew he was going to die today.” “I knew that if he got out that door he was gonna kill everybody.”

Tuff calmed Hill down by telling him about the problems in her life. She is heard on 911 tapes telling Hill “Don’t feel bad, baby.” “My husband just left me after 33 years…I’ve got a son that’s multiple disabled.”  “It’s all going to be well.”

She then relayed to the 911 operator she was talking to for over 20 minutes, that “He said he don’t care if he dies, he don’t have nothing to live for. He said he’s not mentally stable.”

Tuff talked to and calmed Hill down, while informing the 911 operator of his actions. Talking to Hill enabled police to safely evacuate  students and teachers from the building. Outside students and teachers boarded school buses that took them to a nearby Wal-Mart, where they could meet their families.


Children boarding the buses to Wal-Mart.

Tuff’s calming of Hill’s rage continued as she asked him to put his weapon and backpack on the ground. He complied after a short shoot out with the police, where there were no casualties.

This can be attributed to the quick and fearless thinking of Antoinette Tuff. Authorities later revealed that Hill was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition. He could have killed many innocent lives, if it was not for Hill and her bravery.


Hill with a gun.

This story has not been widely spread. Sure there are a few articles written about it. However, it will NEVER, get the mass dissemination throughout the country the way negative news about African Americans does.

There are a few reasons why this is so. Besides the negative portrayal of African Americans in media, there is also the people in the situation. You have a black woman who rescued black children from a white perpetrator. Lets examine this.

Black women are one of the most, if not the most discriminated against oppressed people. Our lives are plagued with a double dose of racism and sexism. Our weakness, and ability to be used is perpetuated in media, television, movies and our daily encounters. where we have to let people know…. “I AM NOT that F*C*ING stereotype. Yes, black women we have all been through it.

Black children are not cared about in America. We live in a country where we make up less than half of the population., but over 50% of our children go missing without follow up. Our children are killed without any reports, or police work done to find them. It is just believed and accepted that black children go missing and it is okay. SMDH! Now, you know I do not believe in statistics, but having a few friends who work in the police department and doing research of my own, I know that most black children missing are not found.

jordan davis and trayvon martin

Jordan Davis(R) and Trayvon Martin(L). Both teens were unarmed, but killed anyway.

Our children are killed and it is deemed okay and acceptable in the legal system. The lives of black children mean nothing to America. Unless… Unless black children are being saved by some amazing good ole white person who has welcomed the world of intellect and prosperity into the lives of less fortunate urban children. America always loves a good charity story where whites are the ones giving back, taking a pay cut, adopting and traveling to 3rd world countries. You know the speal of white charity, and the “oh I help minorities I do not uphold white supremacy”, stuff. Its kind of similar to the “I have black friends, I am not racist,” statement. You see, a part of white supremacy is receiving gratifaction that the lives of people you deem inferior can only have elevation in their lives, if you are in it and help them. As well  the fact that minorities can only succeed so far, without their help.


Angelina Jolie and her adopted African daughter Zahara.

Then, there’s the fact that the shooter was a white man. This is an image that is often attributed to school shooters. However, his gender and race guarantees him the usual cop outs. He “had a troubled life.” “He suffers from mental disorders” “He has had a lot of emotional difficulty.” “He had a horrible childhood.” These scenarios are experienced by numerous black men and women, however we can never use these phrases as copouts. We are termed as violent, gangsters, whores, victimizers, etc.

Believe it family. The language and actions change depending on the gender and race of the characters involved. I say this all to express that our depiction is controlled by those who want us to look and be categorized as stereotypical, violent driven buffoons, who are in need of help and guidance by white people. That is how it always is. How many movies, ads, shows, celebrities push this agenda. Thats it. It is an agenda. Open your eyes and see it.


The movie “The Help,” where a nice white person who cares about black people helps them out and elevates their troubles. SMH!

I applaud Antoinette Tuff and her actions of bravery. She is a resounding message that we black people, specifically black women are not the depiction of negativity that surround us. We are courageous, powerful and capable. We can accomplish and do great things without charity. Sister Tuff, I am giving your time to shine with this article. I am implanting your name and image in the minds of my readers and others, for we should all know about amazing women like you who everyday change the lives of others, and do great things.

true 10

You know thats right, black women.

Family, we are all like Antoinette Tuff. We do not have to fulfill the negative portrayal that is spread of us. We fulfill our destines, and demonstrate who we are. Do not let the perpetuation be you, be the one who disproves the lies at every turn. -M. Millie


Antionette Tuff