Brainwashing stops us from Ujamaa (cooperative economics)

ujammaToday is Day 4 of Kwanzaa. The principal is ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah) (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

Ujamaa and is essentially a commitment to the practice of shared social wealth and the work necessary to achieve it. It grows out of the fundamental communal concept that social wealth belongs to the masses of people who created it and that no one should have such an unequal amount of wealth that it gives him/her the capacity to impose unequal, exploitative or oppressive relations on others.

I like this principle. It does not intend to limit your financial wealth, but reminds us not to use or wealth to hurt or oppress each other. However, we should use our wealth unequal or not to invest in our communities and help all of us reach economic success and prosperity. Ujamaa is about us extending the skills and qualities we have gained occupationally and economically to each other so we can all become greater and better. It is about centralizing our money towards goals that will make our lives, and future richer with success and development.

ujammaHowever, we often have a problem with this. We do not want to buy from Black Owned Businesses. We do not want to invest in them. We do not want to work in them. We do not want to go to a historically black college. We do not want to donate to them. We do not want to be associated with anything that will uplift black corporations, organizations, and companies. . Some of us not all think that doing any of those things would damage, hurt us, or is wrong.

black ownedWhy?

Because of the brainwashing that has been committed upon many of us. Many of us think it is wrong to be associated with such things. There are still a lot of us who need to realize that the whole condition and status of the African/black race affects every one of us even, if we are not specifically plagued with the negative issues and conditions that other blacks deal with.

BOBIf most of our people are not successful economically, yes it may not cause us to have financial strife now. Yes, it may not change the tides in or life, but it is a ripple that will affect all of us one day.

I say this to mean that if YOU, are in any position to help out another brotha or sistah land a job, build a business or make a positive step towards a better tomorrow, do it. It does not take anything from you. It simply strengthens the community foundation and cements a stronger tomorrow for all of us.

ujamma 1Use ujamaa in your life today. We are all just roots, who have extended our greatness through the rough soil and soaked in the water of wisdom and talent. Once we connect our roots. Once we come together and work together economically, we will form the whole tree. We will construct a formidable force of excellence. Lets come together and  create a forest, together. -M. Millie




I can not express the importance of having father figures in black family households. Now we black women for years have been being both mom and dad. Doing the best that we could to raise our daughters and sons when their fathers would not. However, it needs to STOP! Black men have to take responsibility for their children and help raise them. Fathers need to help teach their sons how to be men and their daughters that they can succeed in doing anything and how they should be treated by men.

Father and Son Shaving in Bathroom MirrorNow, Black Women we have done well raising our children, but we need to allow their fathers to help raise them if they are willing too. I know far too many black men who are positive and hardworking, but are not being allowed by their children’s mothers to raise their children. Child support does not equal raising a child. We have to allow our children’s father to do more than that. Now sistahs I say this not to disrespect anyone, but to tell you that we have to let go of our issues with our ex’s and allow their fathers if they are willing and have good intentions to be fathers. Brothas, I ask you to step up and be fathers because our communities need it.

black man and child

Too long, have black women solely raised black children. It is unfair and is not allowing our children to grow with full awareness of themselves and their backgrounds when they are raised without one parent. I was raised mostly, by my mom. My father was neglectful at times, but he did help raise me. I feel like I grew up with a sense of understanding about myself that I might not have gotten by only being raised by my mother. We were a family unit and despite my father’s absence and the dysfunction, my mom allowed him to raise me the best way he could.


Brothas it is time to wake up. Stop the abandonment of your children and raise them. Sistahs, it is also time to allow black men to be fathers. Thank you to all the Sistahs who have raised their black children by themselves and struggled to do so. Thank You to all the black men, who have been fathers and helped raise their children. We need to work together, black mothers and fathers to help raise a future generation of proud black little girls and boys. Lets raise our future leaders of tomorrow together.

black fathers

Happy Fathers Day to all the real fathers. Black women lets not take this day away from black men. Let’s honor all of the black men who are fathers. Who do not just provide financial support, but positively impact the lives of our children. Thank you black fathers. Please continue to be the best fathers you can be. -M. Millie

happy fathers day