Oh, how fast so many of us have forgotten… our history!


“History is a People’s Memory… and without memory a man is demoted to the lower animals.” -Malcolm X.

I love this quote. To me, he was discussing the chaos that can come to a person or people, when they forget their history, culture and background. This quote exudes that once you forget the struggles that were fought and the people who died for your freedom to be had and success to be made, you have become demoted. You have become lesser than.

I truly believe that many black people with fame, high positions and money have forgotten about the battle that was fought for them. I believe many have forgotten about the lives that were lost for them. Why?

Well. it is because the youth now do not know. Many of them do not care to know. The educational system does not discuss issues or highlights the triumphs or struggles of African Americans. If anything the current educational system plays on the insecurities of the youth and instills a dotish subservient attitude in black youth.

Many parents do not know the stories of the past and are not passing it down to their children. So, now there is a never-ending cycle of uneducated, black children being born who do not fully understand where they come from.

Then there are the people who are aware of their history, but simply do not care. They do not care about their ancestors and believe the history is the past and live in the present. SMH! They do not realize that the past enables you to understand your present, and that the present is a map towards the future. They are all interlinked.

I am tired of the sagging pants, the twerking, the ratchetness, the deplorable degradation of black youth and adults who have forgotten their history. I am tired of seeing elders be spit in the face by youth who disrespect their legacy and great contribution to the world. We need a change. We need a big one, for this buffoonery and minstrel show of foolishness does nothing for our people, but hold us down.


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