Europe is Not Racist! Who Lied to You?

oprah w

Have you all been following the Oprah story? She was in Switzerland for the wedding of Tina Turner. She was in a store and was checking out a bag. A sales representative then came up to her and said “You cannot afford that bag.” I guess Oprah realized yes, you may be a famous, powerful black women in America. However, outside of this country everyone will view as black women. That means that you will be treated with the same disrespect and discrimination the color of our skin brings.


Tina Turner wed to Erwin Bach in Switzerland.

I cannot stand when people say that Europe is not racist. Yes, they are. Who colonized people in Africa and brought slaves to America? Europeans did. Who first robbed Africa of its natural resources? It was Europe first. Now, America and Asia have joined in on the raping of the African continent. Where do white people in America come from, Europe. White supremacy and racism is a global epidemic. Everywhere in this world black people are discriminated against.

This is not a message of hate or resentment. No this is a message of truth. This is a message of reality. We need to take of the fog filled glasses and look clearly at our situation. Europe created the systematic racism America followed during slavery. They are not exempt from racism and oppression. They created it. American whites adopted the model and tweaked it where, necessary.

I know that Oprah got a reality check. No matter how rich, powerful, or influential she may be, she is still black and that will still contribute to her mistreatment.

Yes, it is a somber reality, but we have to remember that until we demand, rally, gain economic power, unify and build we will not get more and there will be little progress. We have to realize our power, intelligence and worth and truly rally towards change. –M. Millie

Family, what are your thoughts on Oprah Winfrey‘s discrimination claims?

Oprah Winfrey


7 thoughts on “Europe is Not Racist! Who Lied to You?

  1. Sisters,
    What you say is true, But, in Oprah’s case something more. Look into the simple facts, it began with her interview with E News talking about her movie ‘The Help’ ( which is about racism) . She segues the interview to talk about her personal contact with perceived racism in Switzerland. What a coincidence!!! Oprah is a remarkable actress and ‘showman’!! In hindsight does anybody honestly believe this interview wasn’t scripted( she’s Oprah, for God’s sake) and a media stunt to promote her new movie. Also, check out the recent remarks the store clerk made….calling Oprah a liar.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. Firstly, Oprah’s new movie is entitled “The Butler,” not “The Help.” Another black actress named Viola Davis was in the movie “The Help.” Secondly, Oprah is a showman. Hmm… I do not know how true that is. I know Oprah is a woman who is talented, a business woman, an educated woman, who has fought hard to be in the position she is in. No, I have not agreed with everything she has done. No, I have not agreed with every word she has uttered. However, I do believe her when she says that she experienced racism in Switzerland. Now, it may be true that perhaps the sales associate did not intend to offend her or discriminate against her. We will never know that persons true intention. However, what we do know is that Oprah felt offended enough to mention it. Thirdly, you mentioned the coincidence of Oprah referring to this incident while she was promoting her movie. I do not think it is a coincidence. I think it makes sense. The movie “The Butler” does not only depict a black man who worked in the white house. It depicts a man who lived during a time of great social, political and economic change that had all to do with the changing racial climate. That is what her movie is about. It is about race, blacks, discrimination, black nationalism etc. It makes sense to me that she would express her own personal experiences with racism or discrimination related to the movie. Oprah is a woman who does not discuss race that often, but when she does she discusses it with truth and within the lens of the black experience as a woman, and as a former poor black woman. No, I do not believe it is ironic, or that this is a show. Racism and discrimination are no show. -M. Millie

  2. Ok, Yes I do not think she was discriminated aganist, I KNOW SHE WAS DISCRIMINATED AGANIST. I am a black man from Washingtion DC. I now live in Spain now and have experience discrimination aleast 14 TIMES.. This is how many times I have been stop by the Police here in Spain..One time in Sevilla( Plaza de España) I was stop by 7 police men at one time( it must take 3 police to change one light bulb here) were my wife her sister and baby girl were there looking on. There was at lest 50 plus people (White People) and not one was stop and ask for there ID. The thing that mess there head up was 1, my wife and her sister are Spainish 2nd once I stated to ask why I was being stop and they were not stoping none of the white people there?They checkout my ID and came back now knowing I am American there mouths drop wide open..Ever time we drive somewhere and the wife is driving Guardia Civil(Civil Guard or the Spanish Gestapo) stop us becourse of me..It seems to me that Racism and the Franco policys are still in play in Spain in the LAW IN Forcement.. WARNING BLACK PEOPLE you will be stop because of the color of your skin .. WELCOME TO SPAIN…

    Thomas Nichols

    • Hello bro,

      Thank You for your comments. This is so true. This happens in England as well. My cousins who live in England and where showing me about Manchester a few years ago, where stopped by the police 5 times in an hours. SMH! It is sad. He knows the law as well, and when he questioned the cops they backed off. It seems like when you are calm, but educated, they back off. Their intimidation methods are sad. SMH! Racism is truly a global epidemic. I have heard stories about Spain and Brazil. Although Brazil has the most Africans outside of Africa it has non stop racism. These are places I do not want to visit. I do not like the U.K. but I have family there and usually take one plan there then pick up another to go to Ghana, so being in the U.K is unavoidable for me. SMH! We black peole have to fight against the discrimination and prejudice our skin brings everywhere, sad, but it is reality. -M. Millie

  3. Thank you for your honest opinion, comments and corrections. You are absolutely correct, racism and discrimination are no show , in real life people SUFFER from it. But, why make it a show to drum up support and awareness for your movie? Thank you for explaining your belief that there was a connection( no coincidence) between the promotion of her movie and ‘this racism story’. I could not conceive of people believing this was an acceptable practice and made sense and now I see it from another perspective. I still don’t agree . After reading the comments from the store clerk I think we will now see Oprah backing away from this story. you really think OPRAH could be cowed by a ‘store clerk’, in any country or language. You and I perhaps, but she’s Oprah!!!!

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