Kier Wilmont: What Our Perseverance Can Do!

If we stand together, and demand respect, equal treatment, and protection, there is so much that can be accomplished.

16-year-old honor student Kiera Wilmont was expelled from her high school after she allegedly ignited a chemical explosion on school property. It was an accident, yet she was expelled from school and was charged with a felony.


The local community protested her imprisonment and expulsion.There was an online petition, petitioning Wilmont’s arrest. There was a hotline for people to call in support for Wimont and to help urge the local police to drop the charges. Angelle Wolf also created an online donation site, for people to donate to Wilmont’s family.


The felony charges were dropped. Her record remains clean now.Wilmont and her twin sister Kayla were funded to go to Space Camp.  She has also received a full scholarship to the U.S. Space Academy, courtesy of a NASA veteran who, as a teenager, was accused of starting a forest fire during a science experiment.


So much can be done, if we mobilize ourselves towards changing our circumstance, and stand up for those of us who have been wrong. That is what the community and a few people who felt Kiera WIlmont’s persecution for a science experiment was wrong. Her community and these passionate individuals enabled her to get a scholarship to the U.S, Space Academy. These people’s efforts enabled this young girl’s charges to be dropped and for her to have a clear record, thus allowing her to have her life back.


This same mobilization gained us the right to vote. sit wherever we want on the bus, become lawyers, doctors etc.


The same mobilization enabled us to stop discrimination in jobs, It enabled us to fight for the same rights as every other human being.


The fight is far from over. Everyday we as a black race find ourselves still mentally, emotionally, physically oppressed by a system that sees us as lesser than. Everyday we see our communities ravished by ourselves, but by puppet strings that create circumstance for us to stay subjugated.


Perseverance is within us. We have to believe that we can still change our circumstance. Our fight towards freedom and equality should not end. Our protection and liberties is still a work in progress.


Ignite the passion within yourself to create change. You possess the power of resilience in your veins. Tap into it, reflect on the strength of our ancestors and become mobilized. -M. Millie


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