Disgusting! But, I am not surprised!

Disgusting! Yet, I am not surprised.

NYC Principal Minerva Zanca of Pan American International High School is reported to have described two black high school teachers as nappy headed. big lipped gorillas, before firing them.

NYC-principal (1)

Principal Minerva Zanca

This is a sad story. As, you all know I am a NYC teacher. However, I teach preschool in a private school. I do not encounter the same dynamics that others may encounter in public schools. I am also fortunate enough to work for a Black Owned Business.


Family, for every Paula Deen there are 50,000 other just like her. Racism is not over. Racism is subdued. Racism is hidden behind political correctness, but it is still alive. After years of slavery, jim crow, protests, etc. there is a popular belief that we black people are inferior and lesser than. We are called animals. our hair and facial features are degraded.

I truly believe that we should not adopt a separatist attitude, but a togetherness attitude. However, before we do that we have to rid ourselves of the self hate we have for ourselves. We have to love our blackness. We have to love each other. We have to support black owned business,and own more within our communities. We have to go out and vote and actively participate in the running of our communities and government. We have to learn our history and teach our children, so they can learn the truth about who they are, thus allowing them to deny the lies of who they are from oppressing them. We will also let the shackles of self doubt and self hatred die as well.

look just like you

Yes. we have all heard this before. We have all heard this constant talk of love, togetherness, economic power etc. However, how many of you have actually taken steps to help establish better conditions for yourself and our race in general?

How many of you have went out and voted, supported black owned businesses, let go of the slave mentality etc? Many of us say what we NEED to do in the community. Many of us think it? MANY of us write it, many of us talk about it. However, many of us do not act. Many of us do not live it.

Yes, many of our people are not enlightened. Yes, many of our people do not understand and are lost. However, for each one of us that is enlightened, that understands, we have the power to change and create so much.


Do not stay idle and watch our people stay in redundancy. Live and create change. Your efforts create a chain of influence that will eventually reach all of us and stimulate progress. ~Know Your Worth~ -M. Millie

Read the article here http://breakingbrown.com/2013/07/principal-allegedly-called-black-teachers-nappy-headed-big-lipped-and-gorillas-before-firing-them/

UPDATE!!!! There is a petition on change.org to get this racist principal fired. You can find it below. Please sign it and share it http://www.change.org/petitions/nyc-chancellor-dennis-walcott-help-us-terminate-principal-minerva-zanca-of-pan-american-international-high-school -M. Millie


2 thoughts on “Disgusting! But, I am not surprised!

  1. This is SICK!! But like you said it’s not surprising at all. I’m not surprised at anything these white women say or do. Black men focus on white men a lot but forget to call out these white women most of the times. I know what they’re all about. They think because they will sleep with them they are not as racist as white men. Keep dreaming!lol Here’s a video I found on Youtube. This brother really nails it! He understand white women very well. Check it out:

    • Thank you for your comment and this video link. The principal is actually Latino. Any Minerva I have met has always been Pueto Rican or Mexican. However, I truly enjoyed this video and agreed with many of this brothers’ points. Thanks for sharing again. -M. Millie

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