Who is that? What is that?

beauty in the eye

Who is that? What is that?

You look familiar. Is that me?

Family, I want you to think. Look into the mirror and say out loud, what you see. Do not remark on your physical appearance only. Remark on the woman (man) you see in the mirror with characteristics.. Ex:When I look in the mirror, I see a woman of strength, but fear.

What do you see in the mirror family. Do you see someone who can be worked on? Do you see happiness? Do you see someone who has great qualities, but things that need to be worked on? Be honest with yourself.


The best evaluation is self evaluation. The ability to know ones self, learn thyself allows you to take steps towards change. You are better able to grow as a person, and mature. None, of us are perfect or will ever attain perfection. However, knowing who you are, brings greater awareness, love and prosperity for all of us in the end.

Knowing Thyself gains you greater understanding of the person you are. No ones know you better than you. Take the time to learn the beauty of who you are. Flaws in all, you are a work in progress, a book that is still being written, a masterpiece that will never be completed.. Learn who you are. ~Know Your Worth~

Now, look in the mirror family. what and who do you see? -M. Millie

know thyself



4 thoughts on “Who is that? What is that?

  1. I find your post to be racist and colorist. I think that you should reflect on your own esteem. Apparently, you’ve internalized european standards of beauty. Why are two of the pictures fair-skinned women but yet you are asking us to reflect in our own mirror? The picture at the bottom is the only chocolate sister and she is dressed as another exotic prop. But thanks for posting this because I now know that I need to remove my subscription from you.

    • WHAT?! I find your comment shocking and ignorant.

      Firstly, you have no right to tell me what I have internalized. You do not know me. Just because I have a blog and facebook page does not mean you know me.

      Secondly, whenever I write a post, I examine what pictures will go best with the best. After finding the pictures, I strategically place them where they will fit best. I usually like to place pictures in a post that will best explain what occurred in a paragraph before or after the image is placed.

      I am a dark skinned woman. I am an African woman from Ghana. I am very proud of the color of my skin and definitely do not internalize anything European. I like their clothes. LOL! Thats it.

      Anyway, the two lighter complected women were placed in the post where they were because the images obtain a mirror. It is that simple.The images where placed around paragraphs where using a mirror were stressed.

      Exotic prop? Okay! Nope, the image of the darker skinned woman was placed where it was because thats how I felt it should be placed.

      The darker skinned woman’s image said Know Thyself and Soul. The image was placed their because the paragraph before it stressed Knowing Thyself. Thats why the image was placed there.

      I believe that your assessment of a positive post as negative because of the placement of the pictures shows YOU have colorism issues.Why else would you be calling names and labeling me and this post with negativity.

      I for one believe in highlighting and acknowledging the beauty of all black women, regardless of their hue. I know that the time, I do not want to see a lighter complected woman or become enraged when I see their image, in a post that is not describing their entitlement or prestige over others, I have become a woman of low self esteem.

      The time when my rational and ability to think is affected the moment I see a lighter complected black woman, I will know I have a problem,

      Bee, I do not mind if you remove your subscription. This blog is not for you. We do not bash, and not acknowledge black women here. We do not deny black women because of their hue from being highlighted on this blog. On this blog we do not attack each other, the way you attacked me. On this blog we do not belittle someones character or who they are the way you belittled my character.

      Please go, but also seek some therapy or conversation with someone to battle the colorism issues you have within yourself. Learn to love yourself and stop harshly judging others based on no information.

      I hope you heal the wounds inflicted on you because of your color. It is obvious you have been hurt in the past because of your complexion. Why else would you criticize this positive post with negativity based on color, if you did not have wounds that needed healing. I hope you learn to also stop harboring judgement of your fellow sistahs the way you judged me. I also hope you learn that a light skinned woman, the appreciation of her beauty and the highlight of her is not always someone trying to make you feel lesser than, or someone putting them on a pedestal against darker skinned black women. Most of all, I wish you education, because education is the only way to help eradicate the ignorance you possess. -M. Millie

  2. I believe that troll is just another white racist plant sent to place negative vibes on your page. I would have deleted that post on the basis of its ignorance and total lack of relevance. But you are so thoughtful and gracious as to give that ‘person’ an answer. Good on you. That shows more class than that troll deserves.

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