When, there are trending stories, I like to take my time to respond. I like to first, fully understand the scope of the situation and details revolved around the controversy of a topic. Once, I understand the situation and/or controversy fully, I can make an educated opinion and response that is based on facts.

Now, I know that many people have been talking about the racist statements made by Paula Deen. I had to personally educate myself on who she was. I really did not know who she was before the controversy surrounding her surfaced. Upon, me learning who she was I understood why everyone was so upset.

Firstly, she was a beloved food network host who portrayed herself to be loving, wholesome and no where near racist. This is why this news is so hard to bear. She represented herself the total opposite of how she is being revealed to really be. Her true biased and racist self has come out and disappointed the fans that believed she was a unbiased, Oprah friend, loving person. SMH! You see games eventually end. Magic tricks are fake and shows eventually conclude. The facades people put up eventually end. They do not last forever. This is why her empire is crumbling because people realize who she really is.


Her actions further confirm to me that there are many people in power and celebrities who use facades, and smokes and mirrors to control their image and gain economic power. There have been many celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Michael Richards, etc who created an image of unbiased and equality, but eventually showed their racist attitudes. The truth always comes to light. People always show who they are eventually.


Next, the fact that people want to excuse Paula Deens actions because rappers use the N- word is ridiculous. Yes, rappers and Paula Deen used the N- word. Thats one comparison. Yes, Paula Deen and some rappers used the N- word to degrade others. That is the last comparison.

Most, rappers use the N- word as a term of endearment. Yes, it is derogatory and degrading, but most rappers use it as a positive. Next, when Paula Deen used the N- word she used it to racial degrade people of color. That is not what rappers do when they use the N- word. Yes, many rappers use the N- word as a term of endearment and ridicule, but never as a means of racial degrading people of color. This is why we CANNOT justify Paula Deens words because rappers use it. Rappers usage of the N- word along with Paula Deen’s usage are both wrong and are unacceptable. However, DO NOT, say Paula Deen can use the N- word because rappers do. That is a sad cop out to justify white supremacist racist attitudes.

I applaud the worker who has spoken out against the racial and sexual harassment they endured while employed by Deen. I am happy they are suing her and seeking damages from the lawsuit. Her comments should not be taken lightly. Racism has caused psychological, economic and mental distress on African American/black people for over 300 hundred years. We need to speak out against the continued racial prejudice we endure. We deserve respect and the equal treatment this country is supposed to be built on. I wish the former employee good luck on their trail.

Well. thats my take on the Paula Deen controversy. I welcome comments and feedback. What are your thoughts on the Paula Deen controversy? -M. Millie


13 thoughts on “PAULA DEEN! MY THOUGHTS!

  1. this helped me thin thing thru I stll don’t know all the facts I am hurt I really liked her and her show But we can’t let people know matter who they are try to put us back after all we have people in our race done extra ordinary things in their life time to make it known that we are as intelligent as any race


      • You’re exactly right! Paula is completely FAKE! I love it when phonies are exposed! I saw her crying on the Today Show a few days ago. I wasn’t moved at all. It’s weird because I didn’t see any real tears on he face. I think it was all an act to draw sympathy. I guess it worked on some people because she does have supporters. But I’m not one of them.

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