She had a Baby, Congratulations! Why do you care again?

So she had a baby I do not care, why do you?

Yes, Kim Kardashian had a baby today. Congratulations to her. Having a baby is a beautiful and special gift. Social media is buzzing about this news and I understand why. She is a celebrity. She is famous, for whatever reason. However, why do we African Americans care?

The question here lies, why are black outlets,. facebook pages, and media reporting her child’s birth. Yes, I remember that she is having a baby with Kayne West. However, the focus the black community has one this non black woman is overwhelming.

Why is her life and story news for us? Why do we care? There is a black woman named Marissa Alexander who is spending 20 years in prison for a non violent offense. Why aren’t we rallying and talking about her?


The constant portrayal and discussion of  Kim Kardashian in a positive, enviable way are a continued trend of black America glorifying this white woman and other white women like her.

Beyonce had a child as a married woman. However, she was ridiculed during her pregnancy and after. There were rumors of her having a fake birth. There were rumors that she did not have the baby. There have even been rumors saying the baby is ugly. Who calls a baby ugly? SMH! That child is gorgeous.


Many of these rumors were fabricated and spread by our own community. We did not welcome Beyonce’s pregnancy or give her positive attention the way we have Kim Kardashian. Why? That is because no matter how much we love Beyonce she is not a white woman like Kim Kardashian, and many of us blacks have the indoctrinated belief and practice of worshipping non black women.


Now before, I get called a hater. I am not HATING on her. I believe that it is a talent to become rich and famous for having no talent. She is talented for she is another white woman who has played the fem fatale, oh woe is me, card to get a fan base. Yes, her privilege of whiteness has helped her of course. The blindness and promote of White America, has also helped her as well. However, she has “hob knobbed”, made connections and used publicity as a way to be one of the most popular people, today.

What bothers me is the worship. The worship of the black community of people like Kim Kardashian. She is not a black woman. She is not even someone who cares about the black struggle, besides the obvious, her spouse choices.

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There are so many black woman who accomplish great feats and do so much everyday, who do not get recognized. If these women do get recognized, their stories do not get shared with the same ferocity as Kim K’s life and story. Fame is just one part of it but worship is the bigger part of it. Our admiration for Kim K overextended our pride for our people.

We black people have always focused on people outside of our community more than those inside of it. Yes, it’s that Willie Lynch, slave mentality, self-hatred combo that seems to always stifle our development.

Our worth, our being and who we are CANNOT, be mirrored against a mirror of unattainable, and undeniable self hatred. Many black women want to be this woman. They want her body. Umm, we have had Real, hips, lips, but and hair since the beginning of time. Next! We need to learn to love and appreciate who we are and those like us who have risen against all.


We need to see role models in our communities, who look like us, who come from our struggle and know what we are and are capable of as people to admire. These people do not have to necessarily be famous, There are black woman everyday, locally, who are teachers, police officers, politicians, lawyers, etc. who cultivate the contemporary accomplishments of black woman.

Lets appreciate these women. Lets remember these women, and stop the worshiping of who are not US. Lets  be proud of ourselves and proud of our people. ~Know Your Worth~ -M. Millie



2 thoughts on “She had a Baby, Congratulations! Why do you care again?

  1. Great post! You really nailed it! Kim Kar-trashian is not a role model. She not someone that little girls(black or white) should look up to. She is “famous” for a sex tape and this why the mainstream media follows her every move. She and her sisters are Armenian Jews NOT black! So black people need to get their heads straight. As a black man I’m ashamed by black men who worship this woman. I use the term “woman” very loosely. Her face looks plastic and I’m not sure her butt is even real. I get tired of these non-white women getting all this love from the media for body parts black women have naturally. They praise Angelina Jolie for her pouty lips and Jennifer Lopez and Kim K. for their backsides. When will black women get their due respect??
    Her having a baby is SO irrelevant to the black community. We have murdered children,AIDS,crack,unwed mothers,unemployment, police brutality and high incarceration to deal with. We don’t have time to worrying about some talentless Armenian woman having a biracial baby! Who cares about Kanye?! Kanye is a talented producer,I’ll give him that. But he has a overblown EGO and think’s he’s the reincarnation of Jesus. I guess that’s why he and Kim are a perfect match. They both think very highly of themselves. Okay,I’ll get off my soapbox

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