Are you a Queen or a Bad Bitch? Your choice.

BITCH!!! Who are you calling a bitch? I am not a bitch. I am a Black Woman. I am a woman of immense worth. I am a Queen!

too many bitchesI have never understood why the word bitch has been used to describe women. I am not a female dog. I do not care how unreasonable or annoying I may be at the time. Calling me a female dog is the ultimate disrespect to me. Now, many women have done what many have tried to do with the N- word. Many women now have tried to change the negative meaning and connotations associated with the word bitch. They have embraced the word bitch as a positive word or compliment. They now call themselves “bad bitches.” This word is supposed to be a way of them complementing themselves. I guess “bad bitch” is supposed to mean hot or sexy.

What happened to just saying I am hot and sexy? Why are we getting the name for a female dog added to the way we compliment ourselves and each other. I am sorry to break it to you ladies, but calling yourself a bad bitch is calling yourself a bad female dog. I do not get it ladies.

bad bitch woman

I would never call myself a bad bitch. I would also never disrespect my fellow black women by calling them a bitch, or compliment them by calling them a bad bitch. It is a hateful word that has for years been used to disseminate misogyny, hate and the degradation of women. Why use a word built on so much hate to compliment yourself? Think about it ladies. it does not add up.

The adjectives, I use to describe myself are beautiful, intelligent, determined, motivated, queen who believes in herself and knows her worth.

awakenLadies, you deserve to be respected by all. You also need to know how to respect yourself. There are far more respectful ways for you to compliment yourself, for others to compliment you and for you to compliment others. Describe yourself the way you should be and present your beauty as one solidified on knowing you are worth respect and good treatment. -M. Millie



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