Rebuke Prejudice!

I can not stand black people they are ghetto! I can not stand Jews they are cheap! I can not stand Asians they are nasty! I can not stand Latinos they are all immigrants!

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Prejudice. We all are guilty of it. Why? We are victims of our background, upbringing and experiences. All we can strive to do as adults and people is break the prejudices we have with knowledge and history. Once we learn the truth about where our biases and prejudices come from, it will be easier for us to lessen these ideas.

Honestly speaking, I used to be very biased towards Jews. I did not trust them and thought all of them were out for world domination. Now, I know better. All though some of my ideas and viewpoints have not changed, I do not believe all Jews are the same. Just like I do not want to be judged as a horrid person because of the actions of other blacks.


I in no way am excusing any group for the atrocities and unjustness they have committed. Every group whether racial, ethnic, religiously, nationally etc. has committed injustices against others. EVERYONE IS GUILTY!

However, point blank, I do not believe in demonizing a race, ethnic group, or religion for the actions of the few. I feel like when you have that kind of attitude, that is when you become IGNORANT!


IGNORANCE and me do not get along. You should not get along with ignorance either and should use ever opportunity to dissolve it from your life. I strive to supply my brain and memory bank with varied information to learn, grow and understand the world around me. Close mindedness limits progression.

Do not be limited by ignorance. Also, treat people by a case by case basis. Yes, there are trends that many communities exhibit, but remember trends do not equal absolute characteristics.

All groups of people regardless of what classification they belong to should be treated according to who they are not what class they belong in.

The ERADICATION of bias is impossible. Out of the womb biased was kissed upon us by society, culture and our families. However, opening our minds to knowledge helps us understand that all of our biases are misguided and based on lack of knowledge.

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Inspire yourself to change. Harboring hate, resentment and bias does not help you develop in the future. However, enlightening yourself on why these groups do or act the way they do. Educating yourself with history immersed in contemporary society builds you and helps in lessening your bias.

Who have you been biased against? WHY? What have you done to combat your prejudice for this group? Do you seek to combat your prejudice? Whats your take? -M. Millie


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