When History is a Lie, what do you do?


Yes, our history. Black History spans centuries far before the Civil Rights movement and slavery. We were the first. We were the first people in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica. This is ludicrous? There is no proof to validate this? This is what people who want to keep you from your true history will say. They will try to make you  believe this because they want to continue to use systematic tactics of oppression and degradation. They want us to believe that we are powerless. They want us to question our abilities and value. Have you ever heard of the Willie Lynch syndrome? Well, it is real, and it is alive and working through the minds of many of us.

What do you do to combat this? Look for history books that are not made by the oppressor. Visit the walls of tombs in Europe, India and Africa. Look to find that there are images of us as champions of success, rulers, leaders and warriors before that of the European. Look to immerse yourself in the knowledge that we were the first creators of Mathematics, Literature, Science and Architecture.

There is a wonderful two-part documentary called Hidden Colors. This movie gives factual traceable evidence of the greater lineage we blacks, African-Americans, Caribbeans, Africans and Afro people come from.  You can find the link here to the website  www.hiddencolorsfilm.com Upon watching this movie I thought it was 30% true, with exaggerated details. Oh, was I wonderfully surprised.

As I began to research some of the topics in the movie from the true founder of the art Karate, to the destruction of the Tasmanian people, to the Moors of Ethiopia, I learned how much history has been distorted. When I learned about the truth with Michelangelo and the Sixteenth chapel I could not believe my ears. You see, our image is worshiped throughout the world. Our great contributions to the development to life on Earth is known by everyone else, but us. Our contributions were stolen, because they feared us as they do now.

Here is that question again. What do you do when your history has been a lie? What do you do when the feeling of insecurity, the feeling of worthlessness, the feeling of degradation has been indoctrinated in you throughout your educational, family and societal experiences? What do you do. Reclaim the truth. Educate yourself with our real history and teach others. Teach your daughters, sons, husband and wife. Teach them that greatness is in their veins.

know your history

Yes, we were kings and queens. Yes, we were rulers, but we were and are still so much more than that. We single-handedly created the seeds to flourish all the conveniences that people enjoy today, We set the foundation. We were the brains behind it all. Stop allowing fear to cloud your mind. Stop allowing fear to subjugate you from learning your real worth. Learn where you come from and be a vessel for change and continued greatness.

Our ancestors, with the mark they have made and the accomplishments they have reached have sewed within us all we need to survive, achieve, maintain and win at life. Use the gifts, knowledge and understanding of our past to propel you forward always.

ancestors speak

-M. Millie



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