Consistency + Truth = The Real YOU!

be myself


I can not stand fake, liars, phony people. What happened to people being consistent. I can not stand when people say one thing, but do another. I loathe when people present themselves to be one way, but then do a complete 360 and do something else. I can not take it when someone makes up stories and fairy tales about who they are only to show and reveal what they said to be lies. People just need to be who they are whether who they are is good or bad.

Just know who you are and represent who you are. I respect anyone who is fake, mean, annoying or lazy if they are real about it. They are truthfully representing who they are. There are no guessing games or facades about what these people are about. I respect these people much more than people who act and say they are hardworking, kind, and helpful and then turn out to be fake, mean, annoying, lazy.. you get the point. Essentially these people misrepresent themselves and can often times hinder you because of their lies.

FAMILY, do not be a hypocrite. Do not contradict who you are for lies and tales. All that you are flaws and strengths are a part of who you are. Appreciate yourself. Accept yourself and proudly shine as the amazing, flawed, strengthened and REAL person you are. Fearlessly expose who you are always. ~Know Your Worth~ -M. Millie


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